PreAP Art 3

September 1, 2009
The assignment, “Transformations”, is the process of being ‘inspired’ by nature in the form of plant, animal, or structure. The objective is to choose a natural “object” and illustrate an invention, vehicle, or building inspired by your choice. The composition should have the appearance of a working drawing/blueprint with sketches and sample materials attached to the finished art piece.
Pig-Sty"Transformations": We Work It Out




Welcome, AHS AP/PreAP Art Students!

August 30, 2009


Edward_Hopper_Pennsylvania Coal Town, 1947


Edward Hopper, American, 1882-1967

The work of Edward Hopper illustrates America of the 1920’s and 30’s. Mr. Hopper is known for his mastery of light, shadow and color. Often, his subject matter is considered stark and impersonal.